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Gunners, “The Real Champions” Backed After 5 Years


The Sri Lanka Anti - Doping Agency (SLADA) imposed a temporary ban on 200m, 400m athlete Kalinga Kumarage who represented Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (SLEME) team in the 55th Inter Regiment Athletics Championships - 2018 which was held from 23 - 31 October 2018 for having used banned substances.

During the event he won five gold medals and one silver medal and had been stripped off the same. Accordingly the Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (SLEME) team lost 75 points and Sri Lanka Artillery (SLA) team gained 33 points. By obtaining 287 points, the Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery becomes the Champions of Inter Regiment Athletics Championship – 2018.

Regiment of Artillery won the Inter Regiment Athletics Championship for the first time in 1980 and the Regiment never looked back then onwards. It had been retaining the covered trophy consecutive 33 years winning the yearly championship till 2013. However, after 5 years Regiment of Artillery was able to regain the trophy of Inter Regiment Athletics Championship. This unparalleled feat is testimony to the unity, the fighting spirit and the organizational capability of the Artillery tribe. Regiment of Artillery congratulates all athletes and officials who have brought glory to the Regiment.