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“Gunners” become the co-champions of Army Athletics Championship 2019


56th Army Athletics Championship 2019 organized by the Army Athletics Committee was held from 21 - 28 August 2019 at Sugathadasa National Sports Complex, Colombo.

Athletes of the Sri Lanka Artillery performed brilliantly and become the co-champions with Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (SLEME) by obtaining 282 points each.

This unparalleled victory is testimony to the unity, the fighting spirit and the organizing capability of the Artillery tribe. Regiment of Artillery congratulates all athletes and officials who have brought glory to the Regiment.Their achievements are as follows:

2nd - S/A100379 L/Bdr Eshan WKH

1st - S/A100379 L/Bdr Eshan WKH
2nd - S/165033 Gnr Darshana SA
3rd - S/2085296 Gnr Safan ASM

1st - S/165033 - Gnr Darshana SA

1st - S/5A02987 Bdr Pushpakumara RMS
2nd - S/A100462 Gnr Sanmugeshwaren K

1st - S/5A02987 Bdr Pushpakumara RMS
2nd - S/A100462 Gnr Sanmugeshwaren K

3000m Steeplechase
1st - S/5A02987 Bdr Pushpakumara RMS

10000m Race Walk
1st - S/161229 Gnr Dunukara DMIS
2nd - S/163139 Gnr Fernando ULSS

Triple Jump
3rd - S/100478 Gnr Ariyarathne AGJM

Shot put
1st - S/A100471 Gnr Fernando WSM
3rd - S/12A02156 L/Bdr Perera UKD

Hammer Throw
2nd - S/164803 Gnr Bandara MAS
3rd - S/10043 Gnr Dharmasena KKDN

Javelin Throw
3rd - S/A100283 Gnr Padmasiri EKCS

Disc Throw
2nd - S/163815 Gnr Bandula SPJ
3rd - S/100315 Gnr Silva SDK