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Gunner Supercross - 2019


"Gunner Supercross - 2019" one of the highlights of the Sri Lanka motor racing calendar and the sporting pride of the Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery was concluded on 06 October 2019 at Artillery Complex, Minneriya for the 14th time.

The meet was organized by the Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery in collaboration with Sri Lanka Autosports Drivers Association (SLADA) and included 20 events. The event was graced by Lt Gen L H S C Silva WWV RWP RSP VSV USP ndc psc - Commander of the Army and was welcomed by Maj Gen WRP de Silva VSV USP ndu IG - Colonel Commandant, Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery.

It was a day filled with amusement, pleasure and excitement where 200 racing drivers and riders displayed their unparalleled motor sporting skills in the most challenging Gunner Track. Challenging driving and riding competitors enthusiastically participated in the event under different categories.

The Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery in combination with Sri Lanka Automobile Sports Drivers Association (SLADA) mesmerized thousands of motor racing enthusiasts during the event and gave away a heap of valuable gifts and trophies to the achievers. A large gathering of Senior Officers both retired and serving, motor racing fans and spectators witnessed the event throughout the day.