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Army Inter Regiment Weight Lifting Championship 2017


Sri Lanka Artillery Won the Championship in the Army Inter Regiment Weight Lifting Meet held at Army Indoor Gymnasium, Panagoda on 14, 15 and 16 Nov 2017.

Artillery Regiment became the winners of Weightlifting Championship for the consecutive sixth time. Artillery players won 03 x Gold medals, 03 x Silver medal and 02 x Browns medal during the event. Regiment of Artillery congratulates the Gunners for their achievements.

Gold Medal
S/159030 Bdr Abewickrama A G S (above 105 Kg)
S/157349 Bdr Kulathunga K M V R B (under 105 Kg)
S/163746 L/Bdr Wijayantha H R J (under 77 Kg)

Silver Medal
S/163281 L/Bdr Bandara H T R L (under 94 Kg)
S/162702 L/Bdr Kulathunga U G N D (under 85 Kg)
S/163592 L/Bdr Kumarathunga U G R J (under 69 Kg)

Bronze Medal
S/163280 L/Bdr De Silva WKM (under 77 Kg)
S/164009 Gnr Perera AN (under 69 Kg)