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       THE CEYLON ARTILLERY ASSOCIATION (CAA) was formed in 1945 with affiliation to the Royal Artillery Association. It was raised to continue the comradeship that existed without distinction between Officers and Other Ranks. This is the binding link between all Gunners, be they Coastal, Anti-Aircraft, Medium, Field, light, Regulars or Volunteers.

       Comradeship is often the thing that Veterans miss and in order to maintain the true spirit of the statement, “Once a Gunner, always a Gunner”, all serving gunners are encouraged to become members of the Ceylon Artillery Association. Accordingly, continuity of this tradition will be maintained even after the retirement.

The objectives

The objectives of the Ceylon Artillery Association are:

  1. To foster a bond of comradeship amongst retired Artillery personnel..
  2. To promote the welfare of retired Artillery personnel.
  3. To provide financial assistance to the family of a member/next of kin on the death of a member through a contributory Death Donation Fund.
  4. To be closely associated with the Sri Lanka Ex-servicemen’s Association and obtain assistance for retired Artillery personnel.
  5. To award Scholarships to children of retired Artillery personnel, who have obtained admission to Universities or other accepted Institutions for higher studies.

Benefits of Membership...

       To renew old friendships and make new ones within the Ceylon Artillery Association and the Gunner Family, It is obligatory that all retied gunners join their respective district associations. The benefits include the members’ attendance to;

  • The Annual General Meeting - held at Regimental HQ Panagoda.
  • The SLESA /Artillery Remembrance Day Parades.
  • Annual Family get-together.
  • War Memorial Day.
  • National Hero’s day Parade.

Further, the members will be entitled for the following,

  • Educational Grants for Children.
  • Medical grants.


Patron : Capt AJB Anghie
Trustees : Maj Gen LCR Goonawardene RSP VSV USP ndc IG
Col R Harindran
Col JAS Rathnasabapathy
President : Col RV Koanwinne RSP IG
Vice President : Maj Gen JC Rambukpotha RSP USP ndc psc IG
Hon Secretary : -
WO I HM Ananda
Hon Treasurer : Maj BKCRA Rodrigo RSP
Assit Treasurer : Capt YSW De Silva
Executive Committee : Maj Gen JJPST Liyanage RSP USP ndc IG Ldmc
Col RANJTL Rupasingha
Maj KG Chandrasiri
Maj EMG Edirisooriya
Maj RMT Rathnayaka
WO 11 TRM Sahabandu
WO 1 DHM Colambage
WO 1 WMP Wanninaayaka
WO 1 JHL Chandrasiri
WO 1 WAD Upali

CAA Executive Committee meets on Every 2nd Saturday of the month at HQ SLESA at 1500 hrs


We currently have 6 active branches and looking to start new 3 branches. We encourage anyone that is interested to get in touch with us about forming a new branch in any area that has Gunners within its community. Starting a new branch does need someone at the helm to steer it in the right direction.





WO I WMP Wanninayaka



Lt HDCS Samaranayaka



WO I TRM Sahabandu



WO II JH Ebert



WO I DM Dayarathna



Maj RMT Rathnayaka



WO I S Athisena



WO I S Senerath Banda



WO 1 NPRK Amarasena



Collect an application from Sgt Chandana Perera (0714972813) and proceed.

Step 1
Download the membership application below, fill and email the scanned copy to
Membership Application Form

Step 2
Once you receive the membership number from Hon Secretory CAA , down load the ID card Application form below,  and email with following supporting documents to

  • Scanned copy of filled Identity Card Application Form
  • Image of passport size color photo (preferably in white back ground)
  • Scanned copy of Deposit slip of Rs 1500.00 (Rs 1000 for Membership and Rs 500 for the ID card. Bank of Ceylon City branch Account Number 000351379. Deposited in favour of “Artillery Association Treasurer’s Account”)
  • Liaise with Sgt Chandana Perera (0714972813) for more details / who will process your SLESA ID card.

CAA Family Get-together & Dinner for Year 2016 /17 will be held at the Arty Complex at Minneriya on Sat 14 Jan 2017. It is open to all Retired Gunners. If you wish to register or have any questions please contact Project Chairman Col RV Koanwinne on 0773679731.
CAA Annual General Meeting for the year 2016/17 will be held on 14 May 2017 at RHQ Panagoda. Details will be published in Newspapers 02 weeks prior to the event.
CAA Colombo Branch
A reunion for all members of CAA Colombo Association will be held at “Sappers Leisure Bay” at Mattegoda on  18 Dec 2016.  For further information please contact Mr WMP Wanninayaka (0773830979).
CAA Kaluthara Branch
A reunion for all members of CAA Kaluthara Association was held at Bandu Hotel at Kaluthara on 3 Mar 2016. 
CAA Kandy Branch
A reunion for all members of CAA Kandy Association will be held at Society Hotel at Katugasthota on  23 Jan 2017.  For further information please contact Maj PAU Jayarathna RSP USP (0716908274).
CAA Kurunegala Branch
A reunion for all members of CAA Kurunegala Association will be held at Situmedura Hotel at Kurunegala on 11 Dec 2016.  For further information please contact Mr DM Dayarathne (0724586650).
The aim of maintaining this online learning platform is to reduce the unemployment within the Gunner family whilst creating awareness amongst the youth to face numerous challenges in life successfully. This page will consist of articles of following Topics written by Retired gunner Officers/Senior NCOs who possess a wealth of experience in Public and corporate sectors and as small /medium scale entrepreneurs.

  • Effective CV writing
  • Interview facing Skills
  • Positive Thinking
  • Effective communication skills
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Starting a new Job
  • Business etiquettes
  • Small business ideas.
  • Investment opportunities.
  • Miscellaneous

As we believe that in a recruiter’s / beginner’s point of view, all above are important to get through a job interview in a well reputed company or to develop your own business.

Dear Senior Officers/ Non commission officers,
We invite and encourage you to send us articles of above subjects or similar interest of yours in connection with Readers. At the end of the article, Please indicate your contact details enabling the interested readers to contact you personally.  Please mail your articles to
The CAA Editorial Team.

Please click the following topics for more details:

  • Popular job sites in Sri Lanka,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Vacancies available in companies connected to Gunner family members.
  • Members who look forward to new opportunities
  • Summary of Exco responsibilities



    1. Representing CAA during the meetings / functions of Higher and other HQs.
    2. Attend all the meetings / Functions of SLESA on behalf of CAA.
    3. Liaise with RHQ SLA in all matters of CAA.
    4. Monitoring of all functions of CAA and affiliated district associations.
    5. Appointing of various committees for the betterment of CAA and implement the recommendations.
    6. Conducting minimum of 11 Exco meeting per year and see effective steps are being taken for the welfare of the members and family members.
    7. Finalizing the Exco meeting Agenda with the Hon secretory and release to Exco 3 days prior to the Meeting.
    8. Appointing of Auditors / Nomination committees in consultation with the Exco near the end of your term in office.


    1. Preside over the meeting when the president is absent.
    2. Monitor and co-ordinate all welfare matters of members with CAA / SLESA.
    3. Maintain the Member DDS Records and initiate action  to pay when a death occurs.
    4. Conduct the poppy selling / any other fund raising campaign as per guidelines.
    5. Recruiting of new members in liaison with the RHQ.
    6. Announce the list of the new members who have joined the association since the last meeting and welcome them.
    7. Meet new members after the meeting to answer questions, explain the benefits of membership and encourage them to come to future meetings.


    1. Maintain all files of the Association, including meeting minutes, motions, resolutions and correspondence.
    2. Maintain an updated copy of the CAA Constitution.
    3. Record the minutes of the current meeting with the details of actions to be taken, deadlines, unfinished businesses, announcements and correspondence.
    4. Maintain all motions, including the name of the mover, the name of the person who seconds the motion and whether the motion passed or was defeated.
    5. Email the minutes of the previous meeting to members having email facility.
    6. Present the minutes of the previous meeting, distribute hard copies for review. Record and action matters arising from minutes.
    7. Record all Committee assignments, including the names of committee chairs, members and deadlines.  Monitor the action of committee reports.
    8. Initiate action for correspondence from SLESA and other HQs within the time frame given.
    9. Circulate the Attendance Register during meetings for members to sign.
    10. Maintain and monitor the Year Planner.
    11. Assist Secretory will perform all above duties during the absence of the Hon Secretory.


    1. Managing of all accounts of the Association, writing cheques as approved by the executive committee and depositing dues and revenues and cash on hand each month.
    2. Keeping timely, accurate, up-to-date financial records for the association.
    3. Ascertain government’s tax regulations and consult a tax advisor to gain benefits of charity accounts.
    4. Create the budget at the beginning of the year in conjunction with the executive committee.
    5. Present the monthly account report for the approval of executive committee.
    6. Monitor the poppy collection/ any other Fundraising.
    7. Deposit the Poppy collection in SLESA bank Aco  by end Dec .
    8. Collect the Poppy Commission from SLESA and distribute to Association/ Debt to Poppy Account by End Feb and Close the Poppy Account for the year.
    9. Collect Membership Dues and pay to SLESA on a Record.
    10. Submit all DDS membership dues accompanied by the names of members to Vice President
    11. Payment of Administration expenditure of RHQ Representative.
    12. Reimbursement of authorized Expenditure from SLESA within 14 days of the event.
    13. Prepare the Account for the audit committee near the end of your term of office.
    14. Items to Prepare for the Audit Committee • Cheque book register • Bank statements and cancelled checks • Cash book and journal • Paid bills • Deposit slips • Copies of monthly financial statements • any other payments to the committees.
    15. Transfer financial information to the incoming treasurer at the end of the Term.
    16. Assistant Treasurer will support Hon Treasurer to attend all above.
  • CAA Year Planner

    JUNE  to MAY – Conducting of  monthly EXCO meeting on every second Saturday of the Month.
    AUG- CAA Family Get-together.  Poppy campaign Commences.
    NOVEMBER- Remembrance day parade and End of Poppy campaign
    MARCH- Notice to AGM and Appointing of the Auditors.
    APRIL- SLA monument ceremony.  Nominations for incoming Exco.
    MAY – The CAA Annual General Meeting on Second Sunday.

  • Photo gallery
    1. Ceylon Artillery Association Family get-together - 2015
    2. Ceylon Artillery Association held it's Annual General Meeting on 10th May 2015
    3. Ceylon Artillery Association held it's Annual General Meeting on 20th July 2014
    4. Ceylon Artillery Association held it's Annual General Meeting on 13th May 2012
    5. Ceylon Artillery Association Family get together held on 20th November 2011 at Dampe Village Piliyandala.
    6. Ceylon Artillery Association held it's Annual General Meeting on 09th May 2010
    7. Family Get-together of Ceylon Artillery Association at Public library on 6th Dec 2009