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Late Brigadier HF Rupasinghe (Rtd) VSV funeral held with full Military Honours


The commemoration of the late Brig HF Rupasinghe (Rtd) VSV took place with full military honours on 15 May 2019 at General Cemetery, Mt. Lavinia.

The cortege reached the cemetery entrance around 1630 hrs and was taken to the crematorium by gunners of the Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery. Part I Order issued by Commander of the Army according to military traditions were read out at the funeral before the coffin was placed in the crematorium amidst the Gun salute. Family members, relatives, past commanders, senior officers of tri services and a large crowd of mourners attended the funeral.

Maj Gen HB Thibbotumunuwe (Rtd) RWP USP IG has express his sincere appreciation on behalf of late Brig HF Rupasinghe (Rtd) VSV with great memorable comments.

“I met Brigadier HF Rupasinghe (Rtd) VSV when he was a senior Major while he was performing duties as the BC 10th Field Battery 4 SLA. He was a soft spoken straight forward gunner officer who did great contribution to the Regiment of Artillery as well as Army Boxing.

As a result of his dedication and guidance every year gunners Boxing team became Army Champions. Most important factor I saw in him as the leader was not favoring to anyone. However some of the junior officers who were senior to us managed to crept through his ears because he was honest. As a junior officer and when I was the Commanding Officer I always remember this to be careful because I myself became a victim couple of times.

He always took challenges when other seniors were reluctant. I remember there was a short supply of Arty ammo when I visited the Palaly area as Brigadier. As an alternative for that this great gunner effectively dropped 4.2 Mortar Bomb which using locally made launcher fitted on to a helicopter. This was popularly known as “Rupasinghe Mortar”. There are so much memorable moments in my mind but no space to write. In short he is not the best officer I have met but very much better than some officers who pretended that they have done a lot. This little note specifically for present day gunner officers who might not know this great gunner. I sincerely believe that he will find a wonderful place to Rest in Peace.”