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Artillery Officers Excursion was held in Moragahakanda, Riverston, Thelgamuwa, Ambuluwawa and Kotmale areas from 16 to 18 February 2018 with the participation of Colonel Commandant, Senior Officers and more than 65 Officers. The Excursion was aimed to enhance the comradeship, cooperation and spirit among the Gunner Officers.4 SLA organized the event with the direction of Colonel Commandant and the Centre Commandant.

During the Excursion following areas were visited including 7.5 km hike to Riverston the highest elevation view point and Ambuluwawa:

  • Ambana
  • Moragahakanda Dam
  • Riverston
  • Mini World’s End
  • Kothmale Area

In the course of the Excursion Officers had opportunity to keep the endurance, sightseeing and enjoyed the leisure keeping the comradeship.