REGIMENT OF SRI LANKA ARTILLERY - Once a Gunner is always a Gunner; whether Locally or Globally.

Artillery Officers


The strength of the Regiment of Artillery is emanated from its officer cadre. Over the years, the Regiment has produced three Army Commanders and many General Officers. Officer joining the Gunner Tribe have to invariable be masters of two distinctive faculties. First to be an executive officer who command the battle with velour and, secondly to be a gunner who professional enough to produce timely and accurate fire. Therefore, regiment seeks young individuals who have potential leadership traits and interest towards technical prudency to join the Regiment.

Once joining the Regiment, one has wider opportunities available for both professional and personal development. Gunner Officers have many opportunities to broaden their horizon by following number of courses overseas and local to become fully qualified Gunner. Under mentioned progressive and mandatory courses of training are available for officers to take them up in the ladder apart from all other common courses of training available in the Army. Further, those who excel in other fields such as sports are provided with opportunities to reach the pinnacle.

    a. Local Young Officers' Course
    b. Overseas Young Officers' Course.
    c. Overseas Locating and Survey Course.
    d. Overseas Advance Gunnery Course.
    e. Overseas Officers' Long Gunnery Staff Course.
    f. Overseas Artillery Senior Command Course or Battalion Commander Course.

Century’s old custom and traditions, edifying social grouping and outbound employment throughout the Army, produce unique individuals who aspire to be future leaders of the Nation.

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