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6th Field Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery

The 6th Field Regiment Sri Lanka Artillery was raised on 01 September 1985 at Panagoda. This Regiment was initially equipped with 25 Pounder Field guns and supported infantry troops during Elam war 1 & 2. Subsequently the Regiment was equipped with 122 mm Guns. Regiment also responsible for the duties of Ceremonial Saluting Battery.


Lt Col GRRKS Jayarathne RSP psc IG SLA
From 21.03.2023 to date


Lt Col AS Peris G
From 01.09.1985 to 31.08.1988

Lt Col RP Liyanage
From 01.09.1988 to 17.02.1990

Lt Col PSP Munasinghe RSP
From 18.02.1990 to 15.11.1990

Lt Col SD Tennakoon
From 16.11.1990 to 26.10.1992

Lt Col ASSK Hamangoda msc psc
From 27.10.1992 to 17.03.1994

Lt Col NR Witharanage G
From 17.03.1994 to 28.02.1995

Lt Col VR Silva USP G
From 28.02.1995 to 19.12.1995

Lt Col JC Rambukpotha RSP G
From 19.12.1995 to 29.05.1996

Lt Col VRL Anthoniz RSP G
From 30.05.1996 to 13.03.1998

Lt Col AS De Z Wickramarathne IG
From 14.03.1998 to 13.01.1999

Lt Col WAS Weerawardane RSP IG
From 02.04.1999 to 24.03.2001

Lt Col ARMUT Rathnayake IG
From 02.05.2002 to 28.07.2005

Lt Col PR Wanigasooriya USACGSC
From 28.07.2005 to 08.03.2007

Lt Col TD Weerakoon RSP
From 09.03.2007 to 29.01.2009

Lt Col SPD Jayamahamudali RSP IG SLA
FROM 02.04.2009 TO 20.12.2010

Lt Col HHKSS Hewage RSP psc SLA
From 07.03.2011 to 21.08.2013

Lt Col DP Welagedara RSP psc IG SLA
From 22-08-2013 to 24-01-2016

Lt Col W S V Fernando IG
From 25-01-2016 to 12-02-2017

Lt Col HR Senaviratna RSP psc IG
From 13-02-2017 to 11-08-2017

Lt Col RWRSSDDS Senarath psc IG
From 11-08-2017 to 20-08-2019

Lt Col O N J De Silva USP IG
From 22-08-2019 to 09-08-2021

Lt Col AHMT Gunarathne RSP psc
From 10.08.2021 to 20.03.2023

Lt Col GRRKS Jayarathne RSP psc IG SLA
From 21.03.2023 to date

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