REGIMENT OF SRI LANKA ARTILLERY - Once a Gunner is always a Gunner; whether Locally or Globally.

14th Rocket Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery

The 14th Rocket Regiment Sri Lanka Artillery was raised on 13 September 2001 at Palaly. The Regiment has Checz, Chinese and Slovakian built four equipment batteries, each one operates with 8 Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers & 1 command post. 14th Regiment is the only Artillery unit equipped with the state of the 122mm MBRLs. Each Rocket has a range of 20175-33150 Mtrs and can be delivered to an accuracy of 5 Meters. In Combat situations, MBRL is now the preferred weapon of choice and one of the key weapons to success of the war. The MBRLs provide the Army with huge amounts of firepower. Launchers operate from concealed hides, fire their rockets and then relocate before the enemy can find them. During recent combat situations, rockets have been the most demanded, hitting the area targets while safeguarding friendly forces and the local population.


Lt Col SRAMSG Rathnayake RSP USP psc IG
From 07.08.2023 to date


Lt Col KTSS Gunawardene RSP IG
From 13.09.2001 to 06.10.2004

Lt Col KLAS Wijesinghe RSP psc IG
From 06.10.2004 to 28.01.2006

Lt Col AS Hewawitharane RSP IG
From 28.01.2006 to 02.02.2008

Lt Col DMAP Disanayaka RWP RSP IG
From 24.03.2008 to 15.10.2009

Lt Col RAJN Ranasingha RSP
From 09.11.2009 to 19.09.2012

Lt Col BGS Fernando psc
From 20.09.2012 to 24.08.2014

Lt Col R M S P Rathnayake psc IG
From 12.08.2014 to 12.08.2016

Lt Col MN Gunawardana psc IG
From 12.08.2016 to 20.08.2018

Lt Col KSP Pothupitiya USP psc IG
From 21.08.2018 to 13.08.2020

Lt Col GK Paranavitana RSP psc IG
From 14.08.2020 to 14.02.2022

Lt Col TSGP Amarasena USP psc
From 03.02.2022 to 07.08.2023

Lt Col SRAMSG Rathnayake RSP USP psc IG
From 07.08.2023 to date