REGIMENT OF SRI LANKA ARTILLERY - Once a Gunner is always a Gunner; whether Locally or Globally.

7th Light Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery

The 7th Light Regiment Sri Lanka Artillery was raised on 10 November 1988 at Minneriya . This Regiment was initially equipped with 120mm motars and supported infantry troops in close quarter battles very effectively during Elam war 1 & 2. 122 mm guns are currently used on operations in the Regiment.


Lt Col RNCY Ramanayaka psc IG
From 16.12.2022 to date


Lt Col LCR Goonawardhane IG SLA
From 10.11.1988 to 01.01.1990

Lt Col HB Wickramasinghe psc SLA
From 02.01.1990 to 09.02.1991

Lt Col WG Alwis IG SLA
From 10.02.1991 to 14.05.1993

Lt Col N Wijesinghe IG
From 15.05.1993 to 02.08.1993

Lt Col LAR Wijerathne psc SLA
From 03.08.1993 to 14.06.1994

Lt Col SR Balasooriya msc psc IG SLA
From 17.06.1994 to 16.06.1995

Maj JC Rambukpotha IG SLA
From 18.06.1995 to 28.07.1995

Maj DJR Rupasinghe SLA
From 29.07.1995 to 20.02.1996

Lt Col WAAPB Jayathilake RSP IG SLA
From 21.03.1996 to 01.08.1997

Lt Col M Hathurusinghe IG SLA
From 02.08.1997 to 05.02.2000

From 06.02.2000 to 13.05.2005

Lt Col DAR Ranawaka RSP IG SLA
From 14.05.2003 to 08.02.2006

Lt Col AS Ariyasinghe SLA
From 09.02.2006 to 23.11.2007

Lt Col SK Eshwarana psc SLA
From 24.11.2007 to 17.03.2009

Lt Col NLK Samarasinghe IG SLA
From 18.03.2009 to 20.08.2009

16 - Lt Col LDSS Liyanage RSP psc SLA
From 20.08.2009 to 26.08.2010

Lt Col WWMPWWBR Palamakumbura SLA
From 27.08.2010 to 17.01.2013

Lt Col LCK Pathirana RSP IG SLA
From 17.01.2013 to 24-01-2016

Lt Col MWWA Madugalla SLA
From 25.01.2016 to 30.08.2016

Lt Col SIP SIP Vidanagamage RSP IG
From 30.08.2016 to 11.02.2019

Lt Col L A R Gunaratne RSP USP IG SLA
From 12.02.2019 to 06.02.2020

Lt Col K A P Karawita RSP USP SLA
From 02.03.2020 to 24.09.2021

Lt Col HCS Harischandra RWP USP psc IG
From 24.09.2021 to 15.12.2022

Lt Col RNCY Ramanayaka psc IG
From 16.12.2022 to date