REGIMENT OF SRI LANKA ARTILLERY - Once a Gunner is always a Gunner; whether Locally or Globally.

4th Field Regiment Sri Lanka Artillery

The 4th Field Regiment Sri Lanka Artillery is the oldest member of the Gunner Family. It was raised on 26th April 1963 at Panagoda. The Regiment was initially equipped with 76 mm Mountain Guns and supported infantry troops during 1971 insurgency. Later equipped with 85 mm Chinese Guns it supported ground operations during Elam Wars 1 & 2. Re-equipped with 122 mm and 130 mm guns, to meet the challenge of evolving threat, the Regiment actively participated in the Humanitarian Operations in the North and East.


Lt Col DKOK Gunathilaka USP psc SLA
From 14.12.2022 to date


Colonel LM Wickremasuriya CA
From 26.04.1963 to 30.04.1964

Lieutenant Colonel CF Fernando ED CA
From 01.05.1964 to 30.06.1965

Colonel AER Mcheyzer
From 01.07.1965 to 03.04.1968

Lieutenant Colonel HT Gunasekara SLA
From 04.04.1968 to 14.07.1970

Colonel DJ De Z Wickramanayake psc CDS SLA
From 15.07.1970 to 31.01.1973

Lieutenant Colonel YRMP Wijekoon SLA
From 01.02.1973 to 19.03.1975

Lieutenant Colonel HG Silva psc SLA From
20.03.1975 to 15.10.1978

Lieutenant Colonel H Wanasinghe SLA
From 02.05.1979 to 09.02.1981

Lieutenant Colonel JI de S Jayaratne SLA
From 10.02.1981 to 03.01.1982

Lieutenant Colonel HF Rupasinghe SLA
From 04.01.1982 to 28.09.1983

Lieutenant Colonel FXAR Fernando SLA
From 08.02.1984 to 07.03.1985

Lieutenant Colonel CS Weerasuriya G SLA
From 08.03.1985 to 25.03.1987

Colonel HNW Dias G SLA
From 26.03.1987 to 31.09.1989

Colonel A Zahir SLA
From 01.10.1989 to 07.11.1990

Lieutenant Colonel HB Thibbotumunuwe G SLA
From 08.11.1990 to 08.04.1993

Lieutenant Colonel WBMB Wijeratne G psc SLA
From 09.04.1993 to 08.04.1994

Lieutenant Colonel N Wijesinghe G SLA
From 09.04.1994 to 22.08.1995

Lieutenant Colonel ADGA Jayawardene RSP IG SLA
From 12.10.1995 to 15.06.1997

Lieutenant Colonel DJR Rupasinghe IG SLA
From 16.06.1997 to 05.11.1997

Lieutenant Colonel RV Koonavinne RSP IG SLA
From 06.11.1997 to 20.06.1999

Lieutenant Colonel PC Galagedara RSP IG SLA
From 13.12.1999 to 11.05.2003

Lieutenant Colonel GV Ravipriya IG SLA
From 12.05.2003 to 07.02.2005

Lieutenant Colonel KGD Perera RWP RSP IG SLA
From 16.01.2006 to 11.05.2007

Lieutenant Colonel WK Gunasoma SLA
From 06.07.2007 to 29.01.2009

Lt Col DPU Gunasekara IG SLA
From 12.02.2009 to 16.11.2011

Lt Col WT Karunarathne RSP
From 16.11.2011 to 26.11.2014

Lt Col S P Malawarage RSP IG SLA
From 27.11.2014 to 05.11.2017

Lt Col CD Welagedara USP IG SLA
From 06.11.2017 to 06.11.2019

Lt Col RHK Menaka RSP USP psc IG
From 06.11.2019 to 25.09.2021

Lt Col RKMS Kulathunga RSP USP psc IG
From 30.09.2021 to 13.12.2022

Lt Col DKOK Gunathilaka USP psc SLA
From 14.12.2022 to date