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The 25 Pounder British Artillery Guns,first manufactured in Great Britain in 1940, is considered to be one of the finest field Artillery used by the British Army during World War II and joined the Sri Lanka Artillery in 1985 as a donation from the Government of Pakistan. The 6th Artillery Regiment was formed with those artillery, peaces and has actively contributed to the operations including operation Balavegaya and operations in the North and East during the war. After retirement with honorary active service in 1991, these guns used for ceremonial purposes.Accordingly, those Artillery Guns, which had been warrant refurbishment due to prolonged usage for training and ceremonial duties.

On a visionary given by the Colonel Commandant of Regiment of Artillery and Commander Artillery Brigade, Commanding Officer of SLEME Artillery Battalion and his team refurbished the 25 Pounder Guns in to its original standard.

The official handing over of seven refurbished 25 Pounder Guns to the Regiment of Artillery Saluting Battery was taken place at 0900 hrs on 17 June 2022 at 6 SLA parade ground. On arrival, Colonel Commandant was accorded with a Drive Pass at the main entrance of 6 SLA followed by a colorful parade.

Further, Colonel Commandant highly appreciated the service and hard work done by the SLEME Artillery Battalion for completing the task within short period of time.

Commander Logistic Command and Colonel Commandant – SLEME, Major General SPAIMB SamarakoonHdmcLsc, Director Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Brigadier JARSK Jayasekara USP psc, Commander Artillery Brigade, Brigadier DP Welagedara RSP USP psc IG, Director Personal Administration, Brigadier KAU Kodithuwakku RSP USP psc IG, Colonel Ceramonial – DPA, Colonel MPSP Kulasekara WWV RWP RSP, Commanding Officer – SLEME Artillery Battalion, Major AMVA AththanayakeLsc, Senior Officers, Officers and Other Ranks participated in the event.