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The Artillery Road Race - 2016


The Artillery Road Race - 2016 was held on 21st February 2016 at the Athulkotte Junction with the participation of competitors, officers and members of the Regiment. Bdr Vijitha Kumara BU from 4 SLA retained the title for third consecutive year competing among 71 competitors representing all the units in Regiment of Artillery. 4 SLA become the champion of the event.

Final result of the Road Race - 2016

1. 1st Place - S/158385 Bdr Vijitha Kumara BU - 4 SLA

2. 2nd Place S/A100163 Gnr Chathuranga GW 5 SLA

3. 3rd Place S/88661 Gnr Shanmugeshwaran K 12 SLA

4. 4th Place Gnr Lakshan PGC 14 SLA

5. 5th Place Gnr Pushpakumara KWAD 10 SLA

Colonel Commandant and all the members of the Regiment congratulate on their outstanding accomplishment.

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