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Inter Unit Road Race Sri Lanka Artillery - 2018


Inter Unit Road Race of Sri Lanka Artillery - 2018 was held on 27 January 2018 at Minneriya with the participation of 66 competitors representing all the units. Bdr Vijitha Kumara BU from 4 SLA retained the First Place Consecutively 4th time. 4 SLA became the champions of the event.

Final result of the Road Race - 2018

1. 1st Place - S/158385 Bdr Vijitha Kumara BU - 4 SLA

2. 2nd Place - S/A100462 Gnr Shanmugeshwaran K -12 SLA

3. 3rd Place - S/159006 Bdr Somarathne TPB - 6SLA

4. 4th Place - S/5A02983 L/Bdr Srimanna SAAL - 5SLA

5. 5th Place - S/163432 Gnr Pushpakumara KWAD -10 SLA

Colonel Commandant and all the members of the Regiment congratulates on their outstanding performances.